05.08.2020 | Новости
Ирина Акимова избрана в новый состав Генерального совета Ассоциации антимонопольных экспертов

Irina Akimova, Attorney, Partner and Head of Antitrust / Competition Law Practice at BGP Litigation, joined the new General Council of the Association of Antitrust Experts.

In her new role, Irina, together with the members of The Association, will focus on intensifying the AAE's influence on law enforcement, as well as shaping an educational and awareness-raising agenda aimed at developing the AAE's potential in advocating for competition and exchanging professional experience. Together with the members of The Association, Irina will be involved in the preparation of joint projects with the regulator, regulatory legal acts, clarifications, practice reviews, and support the regional antitrust activities of the AAE.

“I believe that teamwork, experience exchange, search for synergy is perhaps not the easiest way, but one of the most effective. I am sure that the AAE members can do it. I`m ready to do everything in my power to make this work effective and useful, ”- Irina Akimova, lawyer, partner of BGP Litigation.