The success of appealing tax claims in-court and out-of-court is directly dependent on the quality and completeness of off-site and on-site tax audits.

The firm’s team provides effective legal services, representing the client during tax control measures. Our lawyers have extensive experience in conducting tax audits and providing representation in arbitration courts for tax disputes, both from the client’s side or the tax collection side.

The results of our client work are:

  • repairing a client’s erroneous actions in tax relations, including during off-site and on-site tax audits;
  • collecting the necessary body of evidence to successfully represent the client’s interests during in-court and out-of-court appeals on tax claims;
  • identifying and reducing tax risks for the client.

Our Experience
  • Successfully settled tax claims out-of-court settlement for a large manufacturer of fittings. As a result, tax claims against the client were reduced by 470 mln RUB (95.8%).
  • Represented the client’s interests and settled tax claims out-of-court for a large transport holding company; secured an inclusion of 139.05 mln RUB as non-operating costs.
  • Successfully represented a large supplier of power plant equipment in court; reducing the amount of tax claims by 130.6 mln RUB (80.5%).
  • Appealed tax claims worth more than 610 mln RUB against a large construction holding company.
  • Conducted tax due diligence and tax optimization for a large oil service holding company, which allowed the holding companies to reduce their tax liabilities in subsequent periods by 130.4 mln RUB.